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The Green State

I don't believe in the red state or the blue state.

This blog is run by an american who lives in scotland.

this blog loves: choice, atheism, universal healthcare, the american green party, the scottish national party, and puppies.

this blog dislikes: free market libertarianism, anti-choice propaganda, religion, and people who ask annoying questions for no apparent reason

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feminist burnout

i’m putting together a small zine of frequently asked questions for feminists. i’ll be selling this zine at Glasgow Zine Fest and all money made will go to glasgow women’s aid. 

here’s what i want to know:

what questions, as a feminist, are you tired of answering? what questions are you being asked all the time? 

if you’d like to tell me stuff, my inbox is open! let’s be pals!


well, that certainly is unfortunate, isn’t it?


well, that certainly is unfortunate, isn’t it?

this guy went up to a street busker here in glasgow and, out of nowhere, started to yell at him about how he’s making thousands from everyone else’s tax dollars, and proceeded to call him a ‘black bastard’ while his friend physically assaulted him (or was prepared to die trying). they were both arrested, with muir being jailed for ten months and his friend being given a fine. 

now muir is complaining that he’s the victim here, he’s done his time, and that no one will hire him because he’s a racist asshole. which, by my count, probably means he’s now living off of the benefits he (wrongfully)  assumed melo the street busker was ‘making thousands off of.’ muir is also insisting that he’s actually a really nice guy and not racist at all, that this was just a one time thing, despite the fact that the reason he got ten months jail time instead of four is because he also assaulted an asian police women on a separate occasion, resulting in 6 more months in the slammer. a real nice guy, right?

the one thing that i thought while i was reading this, though, aside from complete disgust that this exists in my city, is the fact that this guy was jailed for 4 months for verbally assaulting someone. and i think about what would have happened if america had similar policies for racist crimes. i wonder if trayvon martin or jordan davis might still be alive. i also look at the title of this article, and think about how in america, the ‘thug’ in this article would have been melo, for defending himself. but in this instance, the ‘thug’ is frank muir, who attacked melo for no good reason. 

If women could sleep their way to the top, there’d be a lot more women at the top

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i have zero tolerance for creationists. 


Though, it may not be the response they were hoping for. *grin*


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finally, a way for men to look at feminism and rape culture and violence that is inclusive and non-MRA. 


"In an effort to engage Chicago men in taking a proactive stance in ending men’s violence against women, Rape Victim Advocates is proud to announce it will begin hosting the "Men in the Movement Discussion Series" every other month, starting on Wednesday, January 29, 2014. The forums are open to people of all gender expressions and to everyone regardless of whether you’ve had a conversation like this before. The discussions are specifically aimed at getting male-identified people to recognize their roles in stopping sexism and rape culture while also acknowledging the ways men and boys are hurt by them. All forums have different topics, but will have a consistent focus on men’s responsibility to end sexual and domestic violence.

Where: Rape Victim Advocates, 180 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 600 Chicago

When: January 29, March 26, May 27 2014, from 6:30-8:30 PM

Who: Anyone who is interested in ending violence against women and others!

What: Participate in an open discussion.

How: Listen, learn, act. 

Contact: prevention@rapevictimadvocates.org for more information or call 312-443-9603 x 37”

In Britain, students don’t begin paying off their loans until they find stable employment, and the cost is in proportion to their earnings. Australia similarly ties the cost of paying off the loan to the income of the graduate. In Denmark, education is considered a right by the people and an investment by the government, and is therefore free. Some students are even offered a stipend by the government to defray costs. Norway has a similar system of higher education, and in Sweden, students pay only a small fee.

In America? The university is considered a commodity, one that can easily be purchased by the wealthy, but not the poor. These approaches represent a fundamentally different cultural attitude: elsewhere, education is a public good, an investment or a right; in the U.S., it’s a privilege reserved for wealthy elites …

—More:Does America hate millennials? - Sean McElwee | Salon (via verbalresistance)

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you know what? if all gun owners were required to get shot in the butt, i might reconsider my stance on gun control. 

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