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I don't believe in the red state or the blue state.

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Questions, comments, concerns?

i found this video posted on the tea party facebook, touting its insight and ability to ‘convert nonbelievers’ or as i like to call people who support minimum wage: rational, sane human beings.

we can all agree that this guy is out of his mind. it’s obvious. it’s also obvious that he doesn’t know that there are 2 states [that i know of] in which it is illegal to pump your own gas, meaning that we still do have people pumping gas. also, we still have ushers at movie theaters. we also still have grocery store baggers. and people who will assist in carrying groceries to peoples’ cars if they really need it. 

furthermore, what kind of degrading slave driver wants to pay people $4 an hour to build a fence for him? $4 an HOUR?